Ideas For Safe Trick or Treating During Covid

We've seen a lot of good ideas around the web for safe trick or treat options this Halloween, as we are almost certainly going to be seeing increasing COVID numbers in many communities across the US. 

Here are a few that you can potentially add to your planning:

1. Contactless Trick or Treat Pickups:

We've seen some nice designs for tables or candy walls that little trick or treaters can pull their treats off of without coming too close to anyone.

2. Spread out the treats:

Another good idea we've seen circulating is to create an easter egg style treat grab, where candy is spread out and mixed into outdoor decorations, so that children can keep a little distance and have fun finding their treat.

3. Wear gloves and hit your loot with cleaner:

This one seems simple. If everyone wears gloves, there's no contact. And when your kids get home, if you hit their (wrapped!) candy with a non-toxic cleaner, there will be less germs overall. Use whatever anti-microbial you would use to clean baby toys. Pro-tip: have some staged candy ready while the kids wait for their loot to get cleaned...because they will not be about waiting :) 

4. Virtual Treats:

This one's a little tougher, because there isn't really a unified platform for it, but giving trick or treaters virtual skins, tokens, credits, stickers, etc. is a great idea. Virtual gifts my not seem that cool to adults, but kids love them! 

5. Have a Halloween parade:

Organize your neighborhood to do a halloween parade instead of trick or treating, and have goodie bags prepared for each participating child to pick up at the end.

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